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Why did the aquarium fish die?

One of the difficulties and shortcomings of many people raise aquarium fish is the unusual and unexplained death of the aquarium fish. This has caused a lot of influence on the ecology of the aquarium and the psychology of farmers. So, why do aquarium fish die? Some of the sharing below will help you better understand this problem and take measures to fix it soon.

Eating problems of fish

In fact, most fish have a common habit of catching bait. Fish often do not distinguish whether they are full or not to stop like humans. Therefore, when stocking food in a tank, many people find that their finfish makes them think that they are hungry and feed a lot of food.

This does not only cause excess food in the tank to affect the water environment. If the fish is too full, they will get full stomach and die. This is one of the main reasons explaining why the aquarium fish die.

Oxygen problem in water

In order to survive, your aquarium water needs to provide enough dissolved oxygen for your fish. The bigger the number of fish in the tank, the higher the amount of oxygen needed. This is one of the very important issues that you need to be aware of. Because fish are like humans, oxygen exchange is required to survive.

However, lack or excess of oxygen is the cause of why the ornamental fish die, specifically as follows:

If the dissolved oxygen in the water is insufficient, the fish will not be able to conduct breathing normally. Since then, the fish in the tank will easily die. Conversely, if the tank is invested with aeration or filter production capacity is too large, exceeding the necessary threshold of the fish. This will also cause the fish in your tank to get tired and eventually die. Therefore, if your aquarium is small, use filters that are suitable for mini aquariums.

Water Environment

The source of aquarium water needs to ensure there is no chlorine in it. Because ornamental fish cannot survive in chlorine water.

Besides, people raise aquarium fish also need to pay attention that the temperature of the water, the pH level, the hardness of water are suitable for the fish so that they can grow and develop in the best conditions and do not die. This is also one of the reasons why aquariums die that you need to pay special attention to.

Lighting and temperature of the aquarium

Aquarium fishes also need to be provided with a suitable amount of light to grow. Besides, good lighting also helps the color of aquarium fish become more vibrant and beautiful. Therefore, if the amount of light in the tank is insufficient, not only will the aquarium space become dark, but the color of the fish will also become paler. At the same time, the ornamental fish will gradually die. Currently, players often use LED lamps for aquariums.

However, if the aquarium has too much light, it will cause the fish to become tired and gradually die.

Regarding the temperature, in the winter, the water in the tank is quite cold and if not rebalance in time will cause fish to die. The reason is that aquarium fish are mainly tropical fish, so they cannot stand cold water. Therefore, it is necessary to add a heater for the aquarium to promptly balance the water temperature in the tank.

Other causes

– Diseased fish: In the process of raising fish, you will find that your ornamental fish is very susceptible to diseases such as: Fungi, parasites on the body … These types of diseases can completely kill fish.

– Choose unsuitable fish species: If you choose to raise unsuitable fishes in the tank, it will lead to the situation that they often fight and cause damage and death.

– Quality of fish does not guarantee: If you accidentally buy the fish with weak vitality, in the process of raising them to die is absolutely possible. This is also the reason why aquarium fish die so commonly.

– Besides, some people are in a hurry so they often keep fish in new aquariums still with the smell of glue and chemicals that will make the fish easily die.

Above is our share about: why the aquarium fish die. Hopefully, the causes we have provided help you better understand this situation and take corrective or remedial measures soon.

















3 Tips for Playing Golfs New Players Need to Know

golf tips for beginners

Playing golf is awesome. It’s a great game to practice your body and your mind at the same time. However, for new players, it might be hard to play a good game right for the first time.

So, in today’s post, I will share with you some of the best tips for beginner golfers that will surely help you improve your games right from the get-go.

Tip #1: Always equip the best sets of golf clubs

Golf is not a game that has too many types of equipment. However, you really need to know which types of golf gear you need first when you start playing.

A set of golf clubs that are newbie-friendly would be a must. For example, many people find it hard to drive golf balls far.

That’s why a set of the best drivers for beginners would be your best friend here. They are not only designed for new players but also can help improve the overall performance of your game.

Tip #2: Practice with someone who knows the game

You know it, right?

The fastest way to learn something is to learn it from someone who is much better than you.

Do you have any friends who are golf enthusiasts as well?

If you do, then that’s good news, because you can call them and tell them that you want to learn golf from them.

Chances are good that they will take your proposal right away since they almost always want to show off their skills and “teach” you something.

Tip #3: Take it easy and don’t get upset

Playing golf for the first few times might be so forgettable, right?

You somehow just can’t hit the ball rightly. And the clubs, why the hell did they just slip out of your hands?

But my suggestion is don’t take that personally.

Instead, try to think about those times as playful moments, and I’m sure you will find it much better.


There you have them. Some great tips that will surely put you ahead of many other beginner golfers.

If you keep these tips in mind, I’m sure you will improve your game in no time.

3 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a New Kitchen Knife

mistakes when buying knives

When choosing new knives for the kitchen, people often make some mistakes. And sadly, those mistakes often cost them a lot of money and bring in unnecessary frustration. So, in order to help you avoid those nasty mistakes, I will share with you my experiences today.

The first mistake that people often make is that they choose the wrong type of knife for their usual cooking tasks. For example, a carving knife is not suitable for slicing bread. And a cleaver is not needed if you want to peel fruits. If you really don’t have a clue about knife types, I suggest buying a chef knife instead. Because it’s an all-around cutlery that can easily help you perform almost all the cooking tasks you have daily.

Another mistake is people often forget to buy a knife sharpener that can really do the job of keeping their knives sharp. You know it, no matter how high quality your knife is, it will get dull over time. And when it’s dull, you need to have a great knife sharpener to pair it with. If you’re not comfortable with a manual sharpener, then an electric knife sharpener might be a good choice. Yes, it might be a bit costly. But it’s totally worth it, trust me.

And the last mistake is that people often settle for the cheapest options when it comes to cooking knives. And you know it already, you get what you pay for. So, if you really don’t want to get frustrated because your newly bought knife just got dulled after a few weeks or mild work, then you should invest a bit more. In my opinion, you should spend around $50-$100 for a really good knife that can last for a long time.

Top 5 Health Benefits of Playing Baseball

Top 5 Health Benefits of Playing Baseball

Meta Description: Baseball, which provides not only physical but also mental benefits, is an ideal outdoor activity for a healthy life. Top 5 health benefits of playing baseball are here!

Being the most favorable sport game of many Americans in the past 150 years, baseball is an unlimited activity for any kind of player from children to women. Read here: for further information.

Discipline, patience, teamwork are the advantages that you can learn during the time playing baseball, but for further, it brings a valuable benefit – health. Like other moving sports, baseball is an ideal outdoor activity for those who want to have a healthy life. Let’s go to the top 5 health benefits of playing baseball!

Cardiovascular Workout

Cardio is a perfect exercise for lung capacity and strengthens heart muscles.

You will have a simple Cardio when running around the baseball battle from base to base. No matter if you are a batter who needs to touch all 3 bases or an out outfielder running as fast as possible to catch the fly ball, running is a must of each team player. If you are interested in the catcher position, click here for the best catcher gear sets.

Strong Legs And Arms

Swinging, catching, and throwing are the common exercises for arms during a baseball match. When you throw a ball or swing the net, it will build a strengthen to the muscle of arms, especially to triceps and biceps. The flexibility of joints can be stepped up through these movements.

Besides the arms, the joints of legs are also improved when you are playing baseball. A short sprint integrated with squatting and moving laterally helps you improve the hamstrings, quadriceps, and leg muscles.

Stress Relief

Promoting the oxytocin hormone, which can come from socialization, is a great way to release stress.  Instead of staying alone in your room, going out to join a teamwork sport can bring you more relaxation.

Also, you need a high concentration in baseball. From the person is on base to the number of outs, all activities happening on the match should be followed up regularly for your successfully scoring run. This concentration can help you stop thinking of stress and enjoy a relaxing time instead.

Burn Calories

Most of the activities baseball is dynamic and need a lot of energy for a good performance. That’s why baseball can burn calories and step up your metabolism.  According to, 365 calories can be burned in an hour playing baseball for a 160-pound person. And we all know, a baseball match does not last for only 1 hour.

Absorb Vitamin D

In the sunlight, our body naturally generates vitamin D, which plays an important role in the growth and strong bone development. This is essential to metabolize phosphorus and calcium to fight the diseases.

Baseball is an outdoor activity, which means the players can absorb 100% of vitamin D from sunlight. Running under the sun not only helps you amp up the immune system, cure the venereal diseases but also improve eyesight and brain functions.


Baseball gives us more benefits than what we think from the physical benefits like supporting the growth of muscles and joints to the mental one which releases stress and brings concentration.

Not to mention, playing baseball regularly is an amazing way to stay healthy and get more relaxation.


How to Choose Watches Based on Your Favorite Sports

how to choose watches based on sports

Sports are a great way to reduce stress and improve your overall health condition. But you can make your favorite sports become even more addictive if you pair them with their dedicated watches. For example, if you love hunting, then you should know that there are a lot of specialized hunting watches out there that can assist you greatly whenever you go hunting.

A specialized watch like that will have special features and functions that will make some tasks of your sports easier to do and perform. For example, a swimming watch will have a swimming lap count feature and a split timer for your convenience. It will also be water-resistant up to at least 660 feet and can withstand a bit of shock and pressure.

And talking about water-resistant, there will be no other watches better at that aspect then the dive watches. Divers need special watches to perform their tasks, for sure. And even if you just love diving as a sport, you will also need a special timepiece that accompanies you whenever you go diving. There are a lot of affordable divers watches under $500 you can choose from right now. And they’ll all be great choices.

For other sports, such as skiing or snowboarding, there are other great choices of watches as well. Most of them will offer you altitude and wind power measurements, for example. Because you will need those things when you go skiing in the winter. The watches need to be easily-readable as well. If not, you will find it really hard to see what’s going on out there.

In conclusion, if you really want to up your level in your favorite sports, then you will need help from dedicated timepieces. Whether they’re pricey or not, stylish or not, you should always keep in mind that with a good watch, you will feel much better whenever you play your chosen sports.

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