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Essential Small Tools You Will Need In Your Kitchen

You know it, right? The kitchen is usually the place that has the most things going around in your house. We’re talking knives, dishes, cookware, stoves, etc. Those are the biggies, right? But did you know, there are also smaller tools but are actually very helpful for your daily cooking routines? If you don’t know what they are, then I will show you my list today.

The first small yet super helpful kitchen tool I want to talk about is the vegetable slicer. Yes, the thing you use to slice vegetables is a really unique and helpful kitchen tool. It can help you make salads and a lot more dishes that involve having the green stuff. And it’s not that hard to use either. You can get one for super cheap as well. So, no reason not to have one in your kitchen.

The next ones on the list would definitely about oyster knives and shrimp deveining tools. The reason why is because, without them, it would be really hard to work with oysters and shrimps the way you want to be. Just imagine you will have special guests today, and what you need to do is to devein a lot of shrimps for meal preparation. And that would be a huge time sink if you don’t have the proper tool.

And finally, if you love bagels as much as I do, then a specialized bagel slicer would be ideal to have in the kitchen. It’s just so easy and enjoyable to slice the bagels into pieces so you can serve them to your family or your guests. It will definitely make your meals look way more professional. Plus, they’re pretty cheap to buy as well.

What Table Saw Should I Buy – The Architect’s Guide

If you are a newbie in DIY projects, you probably encounter difficulty when it comes to the question, “ What table saw should I buy”.

To help you find the good table saws to buy for beginners, we have listed some of the most high-rated table saws regarding their specifications and quality. Let’s kick in.

What Table Saw Should I Buy?

This section will discover what the good table saws for beginners and even for professionals are.

Cabinet Table Saw

The first nominee for the good table saws is SawStop PCS31230-TGP236

This saw possesses a 3-HP motor, a tough cast iron cabinet, and a large working space, which is perfectly fit for newbies, professional contractors, hobbyists, and experienced woodworkers.

Additionally, SawStop has a 40-tooth combination blade to perform cuts rapidly and precisely. This table saw is also matched with 8-inch dado sets and other 10-inch blades.

The most striking feature of the saw is the system to tell wood and human skin apart.  Hence, the saw will automatically stop the blade when it senses that your hands are too near the blade.

Gravity-rise Table Saw

The next name on the list is The Bosch 4100-10 table saw – read on The machine has a 15-amp motor that can deliver 4 HP and spin at 3,650 RPM. (revolutions per minute). 

The saw supports a 10-inch Carbide-tipped blade for cutting all kinds of wood quickly and accurately. Moreover, the device’s size is 29 x 32 x 13.2 inches – quite fit with a comfortable working space.

In terms of safety, you do not have to worry about the wood hurling at your face because the saw owns an intelligent guard system with anti-kickback pawls and a barrier to block the wood from flying around.

Budget Table Saw

As its name suggests, The Craftsman Evolv is a budget table saw to complete DIY tasks around the home. Coming with the saw is a 24-teeth 10-inch carbide-tipped blade and a 15-amp motor to make sure your woods are cut swiftly and well. 

The budget saw has a compact size as it comes with a 25 x 17-inch surface, and the whole kit including a blade, a push stick, miter gauge, a stand, and a rip fence.


Hopefully, this article has provided you with the answer to “ what table saw should I buy”. To make a rational decision, we recommend reading through our guide carefully to pick out the one that suits you best!

Thanks for reading, and have fun shopping!

Experience In Choosing The Right Golf Clubs

A Quick Guide to Choosing the Right Golf Clubs - Golfsquatch

To have a good feeling when playing golf and master the game, choosing the right golf club for the player is extremely important.

In this article, we would like to share some experiences of choosing a golf club that is good and suitable for players.

In addition, the article also gives you information about the types of golf clubs and the most prestigious brands of golf clubs today to help you choose the right golf club for you.

Why is it so important to choose the right golf club for a golfer and what types of golf clubs are there?

First of all about golf clubs:

A set of golf clubs usually has 3 basic types of clubs: woods, putter, and irons.

And in 1 set of golf clubs includes 14 different clubs.

– Wooden sticks: A type of club used exclusively to hit the ball away and when a long ball is needed.

It used to be made of wood but is now converted to titanium and carbon.

– Irons: A type of club used to polish at close distance, made from high-quality iron material.

– Putter: This type of golf club is used by most players when playing golf.

Golf clubs: Taylor Made, Callaway, Wilson, Cobra, Ping, Titleist, etc. are the most prestigious and famous golf club brands on the market today.
So In order to buy good quality golf clubs, it is best to choose genuine golf clubs from these brands.

Some experiences of choosing good and suitable golf clubs:

-Try before you buy: Try on golf clubs by going to golf club rental services, try a few types of clubs to choose the golf club that suits you best.

Choosing The Right Shafts For Your Golf Clubs

– Expert advice: Before playing golf, you need to meet an expert for advice on how to play and learn golf techniques.

You can consult and consult an expert to choose the best golf club for you.

– Choose a golf club based on feeling: it is a friendly and familiar feeling a golf club brings when using.

How do you feel when holding a stick and playing? Is the golf club too short too long or too hard, too soft?

From there you will determine whether the golf club is right for you or not to make a decision.

– Pay attention to the body and the head of the golf club: When buying a golf club, you need to carefully check the head and body of the club.

Buying a New Driver: 7 Things to Keep In Mind | Ship Sticks

When holding the stick, it must feel comfortable, comfortable, and steady.

If you are just starting out, you should choose a large clubhead to increase contact with the ball and correct shots.

– Material of the cane body: There are 2 types of materials that produce the body.

Charcoal sticks are usually light and easy to use but are more expensive.

Steel golf club bodies are less damaged and durable, making hard shots difficult.

The difference between the two types of golf club bodies is that the graphite club works to increase the speed at the clubhead while creating a good distance when hitting the fairway mates.

Therefore, it is up to your financial ability to decide which material to invest in the cane body.


Above are some experiences that would like to share with you.

We wish you all the best golf clubs for you to not only master and enjoy the game, but also upgrade soon.

Thank you for your interest in the article

For Choosing The Best Fairway Wood Clubs

Làm thế nào để có cách đánh gậy gỗ chuẩn xác?

Choosing the right fairway wood for your game is a difficult task that most of us are not patient enough with this
Many of us simply buy the sample fairway just like our driver.

But the fact that Callaway, Ping, and TaylorMade, etc all have three different fairway kinds of wood tells you that not all are equal – and to find the best one for your swing you must pay the price.

So what’s good for one player can be at a disadvantage for another.

That is why modern fairways often have three groups:

  • The model with low spin
  • Standard and lightweight
  • Model favored tie.

In this article, we would like to share some tips for you to choose the right Fairway wood

Three Tip For choosing Fairway wood:

The first thing to consider is the Degree of the loft:

In a golf game, the degree of the loft is the deciding factor of the shot quality, so it is usually the first thing that props up in one’s head when the game starts.

The loft refers to the angle at which the ball is hit off the green at impact.

The degrees of the loft are arranged in ascending order, ranging from 1-wood to heaven wood.

Traditionally, the most popular woods are coming in 3 and 5, and each is tailored for different occasions.

A 3-wood will have 15 degrees of loft, and a 5-wood is around 19 degrees of loft.

However, some brands claim to have extra built-in lofts that are known as High Launch models.

There are now a few situations when using fairway wood clubs:

13 – 14 degrees of the loft: Strong 3 wood. The loft angle is slightly smaller than that of a regular 3, creating a lower flight trajectory

15 – 16 degrees of the loft: Traditional number 3 stick

16 – 17 degrees of the loft: Strong 4 wood. A little easier to hit than the number 3 club

17-18 degrees of the loft: Traditional number 4 stick. Safer than number 3, longer than 5

18 – 19degrees of the loft: Strong 5 wood

19 – 21degrees of the loft: Traditional number 5 stick.

23 – 24degrees of the loft: Strong 7 wood. The shaft is a bit more spaced than the traditional No.7, an ideal addition to the No.4 wooden club.

Gậy Wood Fairway Ping G410 - Hanoi golf shop, Golf shop Hanoi,Vietnam Golf shop, golf Shop Vietnam, cửa hàng golf, gậy golf

If you are going for a long-haul shot, you might do well with a low loft because, in this case, the energy you send to your swing will propel the ball in the forward direction.

But please be cautious with too low a degree because the ball will fly much faster but touch the ground sooner.

As it makes a premature landing, it will rub against the friction on the turf, and that comes at the cost of the distance.

We suggest you have a 5-wood in your golf bag since it will come in handy, especially on long par.

Last but not least, the highest loft angle will be a perfect option if you can manage a more powerful shot with a greater distance.

The second to consider is the Shaft:

A shorter shaft is a better option to go for because it is lighter, and it helps gain more speed, power, and in turn, distance.

A longer one will be heavier, so you may have to bend slightly, which probably affects the ball flight.

The last to consider is Clubhead material:

TaylorMade M1 2017 Fairway Wood 5 Wood 19 Degree Used Golf Club at

The two most common materials of Clubhead are steel and titanium.

A titanium head is, hands down, lighter, so it perfectly fits off-the-tee shots.

Steel, on the other hand, is more robust and more affordable.


Unlike a driver, a fairway wood features a more intelligent design, with more advancements in techniques and less sidespin.

Thus, it is easier to hit off the turf.

We also love the shallower face height, which makes it possible to maximize the flight distance.

Whether you are a beginner or have played golf for a long time.

The most important thing is to never choose the wrong Fairway wood for your game.

Thanks for reading our shared article

Wish you success and choose the right wood fairway for your best



How To Buy Women’s Watches Based On Your Budget

luxury women's watches

A watch is a great accessory for any woman to have. Especially when you match it with a sexy outfit, any woman would look stunning. But how much should you spend in order to acquire a new watch like that? Let’s discuss in this short article.

First, if you’re tight on your budget right now, then there are a lot of watches out there that are very budget-friendly. I’m talking about watches under $100 from brands like Timex, Citizen, Kate Spade, etc. These watches are still very stylish and fashionable. They will surely match greatly with your casual outfits.

Next, if you have some money to spare, then I highly recommend you choose something around $500 to begin with. At this under $500 price range, you will have a lot of options from higher-end brands like Micheal Kors, Tissot, Movado, etc. These watches are proven to make you shine when you wear them on your wrist. So, definitely a good option to consider.

Finally, if you really have some good money to burn, then you should spend around $1,000 to bring home masterpieces from brands like TAG Heuer, Raymond Weil, Frederique Constant, Hamilton, etc. I won’t go into too many details about these timepieces. But you can rest assured that they’re worn all around the world by famous people. So, they definitely are worth the money.

The Reason Taylormade is Famous And Chosen By Many Golfers

Golf News – September 11, 2017 - Plugged In Golf

When it comes to golf, it is impossible not to mention golf clubs.

Since this sport appeared, many golf club manufacturers have accompanied and been famous.

One of them is the famous manufacturer of golf clubs, accessories, and bags -TaylorMade.

In this article, please share the reasons why the TaylorMade brand is so famous in the world and chosen by many golfers.

The success of the Golf TaylorMade brand comes with a golf club innovation, the brand’s first golf product launched in 1979 by Gary Adam.

In 1984, Salomon SA acquired the company.

In 1997 the company was acquired by Adidas, since then Taylormade has had great success, dominating the golf club market.
In October 2017 KPS Capital Partners acquired TaylorMade.

To learn about the great success and position in the world market of famous brand TaylorMade, the article would like to mention the following reasons.

          5 reasons why Taylormade is famous and chosen by many golfers:

To gain the trust of golfers in the world is not easy.

Taylormade is famous for its outstanding advanced technology that gives golfers the best feeling.

With the following 5 outstanding advantages:

1- Impressive Design

Articles | TaylorMade Announces 3 Slot-IER RSi Iron Sets | Taylormade golf, Golf clubs taylormade, Adams golf clubs

All Taylormade products are designed with high-quality materials with 7 layers of Carbon Composite structure, giving players a feeling of ruggedness, thin and light, but still ensuring high durability while increasing performance when using.

The design of the club maximizes the weight of the clubhead to assist the golfer to accurately play and polish, increasing the power transmission and polishing speed.

Along with that, the Taylormade carefully cares for its appearance.

The smallest details from the tip of the club, the elegantly designed handle with its own style creates an impression on the golfer’s eyes at first sight.

2- Improved the trajectory of the ball:

TaylorMade Golf Wants to Pull You Ahead |

The Taylormade with Carbon Composite material will give the ball a smooth ride, combined with the improved trajectory of the ball to help the ball go straight, higher, and reduce spin when hitting the ball.

3-  Designed with Large Sweet Spot:

Lịch Demo Day Bộ Gậy Golf SIM Mới Nhất Năm 2020 Của Hãng Gậy Taylormade Tại Việt Nam - Binh Golf

The sweet spot is the area located in the focus of the clubface, Taylormade’s focus on large sweet spot design makes it easy for players to hit the ball to create a straight and furthest ball.

Therefore, Taylormade has made the most use of Speed ​​Pocker technology to create a big sweet spot for its products.

Especially recently, the Twist Face technology was born.

With the Twist Face create new curves that easily touch the ball towards the center of the club and designed to reduce spin, delivering more straight shots.

4- Increased energy transmission efficiency:

TaylorMade's M5-M6 Products Push the Legal Limits - YouTube

To increase the efficiency of the energy transmission of the golf club when contacting the golf ball, Taylormade has explored and researched the application of Inverted Cone technology to help the ball fly longer at high speed and the ball is more stable.

5- Stable ball line: 

For new players, the stability of the ball is extremely important to help them practice their skills and improve their performance.

Therefore, Taylormade has used Speed ​​Pocket technology to increase the flexibility of the surrounding low areas on the clubface.

Helps increase Cor points and stabilize each ball for golfers.

The result is increased ball speed, creating the most dramatic shots.


Above are 5 reasons why the TaylorMade brand name is famous and trusted by many golfers.

Thanks for reading the article.

Wish you have the right choice for your favorite sport

Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Women’s Watches

women's watches

When it comes to buying women’s watches, especially luxurious ones, people often make some big mistakes that might cost them a fortune. But these mistakes could be easily avoided if you know what they are and how to stay away from them.

And in this article, I will show you what those mistakes are and how you can avoid falling into those traps.

The first big mistake when buying women’s timepieces is all about buying from untrustworthy sellers. If you want to buy a high-end Swiss-made women’s watch, you should shop for it from licensed retailers from brands like Rolex, Omega, TAG Heuer, etc.

Doing so will ensure you always get the real watches, not the fake ones. And also, you will have the full privilege of their customer support policies.

The next mistake that people often make is to never pay attention to the watch’s water-resistant ability. This is a big one. And I strongly advise you to always shop for waterproof watches that can at least withstand water submersion when you wash your hands or face. If not, you will get yourself in trouble really soon.

And finally, if you want to shop for a sports watch, such as a running watch, swimming watch, or others, make sure you pick the right one that can assist you with your preferred sports. For example, a running watch will be great for your daily running, but might not be suitable to bring to the swimming pool, for example.

If you can avoid these 3 mistakes, I’m sure you can pick up a great women’s watch in not time, trust me.

Why should choose the best golf bag for push carts?

Golf cart là gì? Sự khác biệt giữa golf cart và golf buggy mà nhiều người hay nhầm lẫn - CafeAuto.Vn

Playing Golf means you have to bring golf clubs and many other accessories.

Surely this will cause you some trouble moving.

The best support solution for you right now is to use a golf bag.

Currently, there are 2 types of golf bags for you to choose from, namely golf bags for pushcarts and hand golf bags.

In this article, we will introduce some of the best golf bags for pushcarts:

First of all, it’s a pullable bag that resembles pushcarts, suitable for carrying many golf clubs and other bulky accessories.

When using a bag for pushcarts, you will not have to spend too much effort and still be able to move golf applications easily.
In terms of materials, depending on the purpose of use and economic conditions, you can choose to buy a suitable bag.

There are regular bat bags and premium bags, which are waterproof, extremely durable, and the life of the bag depends on the material you choose.

And now we introduce some of the hottest and best-selling golf club bags in the market.

1. Founders Club 14-Way Premium :

Founders Club Premium 14 Way Cart Bag - Blue

The golf cart bag from Founder Club, one of the top-rated golf bags for pushcarts, is the first model that we want you to consider investing in.

With the 14-way club management design, there are dedicated spots of iron, putter, and wood, so you are easy to find the necessary club.

For the irons, the Top-Molded Organizer will help to protect them from damage.

It is noticeable that the base is built up with sturdy and large construction.

Consulting the feedback of consumers, they highly appreciate this feature because they can lift the clubs out of the trunk easily.

In addition to the clubs, the Founder Clubs Premium Cart Bag can contain many accessories.

You can put your gear in mesh pockets or zippered pockets, including an insulated cooler pocket for keeping your drink cool.

2. Taylormade Golf bag:

TaylorMade 2020 Cart 8.0 Golf Cart Bag |

This Taylormade golf club bag is currently a familiar name in the market.

TaylorMade Genuine cane bags are used by the majority of professional Golfer in the world.

Because most of them also choose a bag of the same brand with the set of clubs for convenience and professionalism.

In terms of design, TaylorMade bags often have relatively harmonious color lines with neutral colors, but there are also prominent, bright bags to assert the golfer’s personality.

In addition, the variety of materials from leather to fabric has made this TaylorMade bag so popular, meeting all the needs of different customers.

3. Callaway Golf bag:

Callaway Golf Mavrik Mini Staff Bag 2020 - Carl's Golfland

This Golf Callaway bag is made of high-quality fabric for very high durability with colors such as blue, red, brown, black for you to freely choose.

On the outside of the bag are small sturdy and convenient lockers with circular bases that are effective against slipping.

The bag design also has a smooth, sturdy shoulder strap so that the Golfer doesn’t have shoulder pain when worn and can be removed when not in use.

4. Cobra Golf Ultralight – Best for Construction

Cobra Golf 2020 Ultralight Cart Bag Quiet Shade-Vibrant Org - -

Cobra, a reliable brand, never makes their customers disappointed.

Looking at the ultralight golf cart bag from Cobra, you can see clearly.

We especially appreciate the double design of the zippers on the pockets, which are beneficial to store everything.

Also, Cobra gets your heart when adding two valuable pockets to protect your phone from the damage of a lighter, watch, and others that you do not want to carry when playing.

Furthermore, for the need to store the cold drink, you can put your drink into the insulated pocket. Its insulation capacity is efficient.

We strongly recommend this bag to all, especially those golfers who are looking for a well-built golf bag.


Above are some sharing with you about golf bags for pushcarts and some types of bags that are loved and sold in the market.

Hope you will be able to choose the right golf bag



5 Free DIY Miter Saw Stand Plans For Your Next Woodworking Project

Are you craving for a place where you do saw-use projects effectively in your own house? Well, we are here to bring you 5 free DIY miter saw stand plans for your next woodworking project! Excited enough? Let’s go then!


5 Free DIY Miter Saw Stand Plans For Your Next Woodworking Project 

1. Barbecue-cart-inspired Miter Saw Stand Plan

Believe it or not, you can transfer a barbecue cart to a miter saw stand. Don’t you love this incredible idea from Randy Dean? If you are just like him, having a barbecue cart that you have not used in ages, consider this DIY idea!

The most crucial thing in this transferring process is to make sure where to put the miter saw on the barbecue cart. Based on Randy’s guide, this process is accessible only when you have a decent measurement on your cart before continuing to carry out the work.

2. Shanty Chic DIY Miter Saw Bench Plans

This DIY design is the creation of Shanty Chic young ladies found on Homedepot – a blog on house decorating. They created an 11-advance instructional exercise with point by point guidelines on the best way to fabricate an exquisite seat for the miter saw to sit on fitly. 

The instructional exercise provided is somewhat long, yet it has heaps of data, tips, and pictures to illustrate the process of creating the miter saw stand. It includes a provisions list and a point-by-point assembling guide. 

2×4’s pressed wood, or MDF sheets are the most utilized parts when it comes to building this stand. Other must-have apparatuses include Kreg Jig, pneumatic nailer, drill, etc.

3. FamilyHandyMan Miter Saw Table

If you are low-in-budget, this tutorial will soothe your worry. The tutorial is about a stand that costs no more than $150 to build and can be completed in a day.

Originating from the FamilyHandyMan tutorial, the instruction covers five stages: cutting the wood, mounting the saw and placing the table. You will need a spacious surrounding when doing this project.

The process also incorporates a device, a list of necessary tools and a connection to download the instruction video as well. 

4. Mobile Saw Station DIY

Mobile Saw Station DIY offers you the most suitable method to build a miter saw stand using wings.

The project requires a miter saw, switch, and a brad nailer. You will discover loads of enormous and splendid illustrating pictures to help you work with the project better. 

5. Beginner Miter Saw Stand

And there we go, another portable miter saw stand. To our belief, this design is the easiest so far. No extravagant devices required. All you need is an essential and useful portable miter saw stand. 

In contrast to the previous plan, the Beginner Friendly Plan is a lot more straightforward and simpler to assemble. The DIY miter stand in this project will cost roughly $85 for material, but this estimation depends upon the wood’s kind and the material you choose.

If none of those above suggestions suit you and your project, don’t hesitate to check out more free DIY Miter Saw stand plans at this link


And that’s our 5 free DIY miters saw stand plans for your next woodworking project. Have fun doing your project, and we will catch up with you soon on the next saw-use article!

Why did the aquarium fish die?

One of the difficulties and shortcomings of many people raise aquarium fish is the unusual and unexplained death of the aquarium fish. This has caused a lot of influence on the ecology of the aquarium and the psychology of farmers. So, why do aquarium fish die? Some of the sharing below will help you better understand this problem and take measures to fix it soon.

Eating problems of fish

In fact, most fish have a common habit of catching bait. Fish often do not distinguish whether they are full or not to stop like humans. Therefore, when stocking food in a tank, many people find that their finfish makes them think that they are hungry and feed a lot of food.

This does not only cause excess food in the tank to affect the water environment. If the fish is too full, they will get full stomach and die. This is one of the main reasons explaining why the aquarium fish die.

Oxygen problem in water

In order to survive, your aquarium water needs to provide enough dissolved oxygen for your fish. The bigger the number of fish in the tank, the higher the amount of oxygen needed. This is one of the very important issues that you need to be aware of. Because fish are like humans, oxygen exchange is required to survive.

However, lack or excess of oxygen is the cause of why the ornamental fish die, specifically as follows:

If the dissolved oxygen in the water is insufficient, the fish will not be able to conduct breathing normally. Since then, the fish in the tank will easily die. Conversely, if the tank is invested with aeration or filter production capacity is too large, exceeding the necessary threshold of the fish. This will also cause the fish in your tank to get tired and eventually die. Therefore, if your aquarium is small, use filters that are suitable for mini aquariums.

Water Environment

The source of aquarium water needs to ensure there is no chlorine in it. Because ornamental fish cannot survive in chlorine water.

Besides, people raise aquarium fish also need to pay attention that the temperature of the water, the pH level, the hardness of water are suitable for the fish so that they can grow and develop in the best conditions and do not die. This is also one of the reasons why aquariums die that you need to pay special attention to.

Lighting and temperature of the aquarium

Aquarium fishes also need to be provided with a suitable amount of light to grow. Besides, good lighting also helps the color of aquarium fish become more vibrant and beautiful. Therefore, if the amount of light in the tank is insufficient, not only will the aquarium space become dark, but the color of the fish will also become paler. At the same time, the ornamental fish will gradually die. Currently, players often use LED lamps for aquariums.

However, if the aquarium has too much light, it will cause the fish to become tired and gradually die.

Regarding the temperature, in the winter, the water in the tank is quite cold and if not rebalance in time will cause fish to die. The reason is that aquarium fish are mainly tropical fish, so they cannot stand cold water. Therefore, it is necessary to add a heater for the aquarium to promptly balance the water temperature in the tank.

Other causes

– Diseased fish: In the process of raising fish, you will find that your ornamental fish is very susceptible to diseases such as: Fungi, parasites on the body … These types of diseases can completely kill fish.

– Choose unsuitable fish species: If you choose to raise unsuitable fishes in the tank, it will lead to the situation that they often fight and cause damage and death.

– Quality of fish does not guarantee: If you accidentally buy the fish with weak vitality, in the process of raising them to die is absolutely possible. This is also the reason why aquarium fish die so commonly.

– Besides, some people are in a hurry so they often keep fish in new aquariums still with the smell of glue and chemicals that will make the fish easily die.

Above is our share about: why the aquarium fish die. Hopefully, the causes we have provided help you better understand this situation and take corrective or remedial measures soon.

















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