You know it, right? The kitchen is usually the place that has the most things going around in your house. We’re talking knives, dishes, cookware, stoves, etc. Those are the biggies, right? But did you know, there are also smaller tools but are actually very helpful for your daily cooking routines? If you don’t know what they are, then I will show you my list today.

The first small yet super helpful kitchen tool I want to talk about is the vegetable slicer. Yes, the thing you use to slice vegetables is a really unique and helpful kitchen tool. It can help you make salads and a lot more dishes that involve having the green stuff. And it’s not that hard to use either. You can get one for super cheap as well. So, no reason not to have one in your kitchen.

The next ones on the list would definitely about oyster knives and shrimp deveining tools. The reason why is because, without them, it would be really hard to work with oysters and shrimps the way you want to be. Just imagine you will have special guests today, and what you need to do is to devein a lot of shrimps for meal preparation. And that would be a huge time sink if you don’t have the proper tool.

And finally, if you love bagels as much as I do, then a specialized bagel slicer would be ideal to have in the kitchen. It’s just so easy and enjoyable to slice the bagels into pieces so you can serve them to your family or your guests. It will definitely make your meals look way more professional. Plus, they’re pretty cheap to buy as well.