Làm thế nào để có cách đánh gậy gỗ chuẩn xác?

Choosing the right fairway wood for your game is a difficult task that most of us are not patient enough with this
Many of us simply buy the sample fairway just like our driver.

But the fact that Callaway, Ping, and TaylorMade, etc all have three different fairway kinds of wood tells you that not all are equal – and to find the best one for your swing you must pay the price.

So what’s good for one player can be at a disadvantage for another.

That is why modern fairways often have three groups:

  • The model with low spin
  • Standard and lightweight
  • Model favored tie.

In this article, we would like to share some tips for you to choose the right Fairway wood

Three Tip For choosing Fairway wood:

The first thing to consider is the Degree of the loft:

In a golf game, the degree of the loft is the deciding factor of the shot quality, so it is usually the first thing that props up in one’s head when the game starts.

The loft refers to the angle at which the ball is hit off the green at impact.

The degrees of the loft are arranged in ascending order, ranging from 1-wood to heaven wood.

Traditionally, the most popular woods are coming in 3 and 5, and each is tailored for different occasions.

A 3-wood will have 15 degrees of loft, and a 5-wood is around 19 degrees of loft.

However, some brands claim to have extra built-in lofts that are known as High Launch models.

There are now a few situations when using fairway wood clubs:

13 – 14 degrees of the loft: Strong 3 wood. The loft angle is slightly smaller than that of a regular 3, creating a lower flight trajectory

15 – 16 degrees of the loft: Traditional number 3 stick

16 – 17 degrees of the loft: Strong 4 wood. A little easier to hit than the number 3 club

17-18 degrees of the loft: Traditional number 4 stick. Safer than number 3, longer than 5

18 – 19degrees of the loft: Strong 5 wood

19 – 21degrees of the loft: Traditional number 5 stick.

23 – 24degrees of the loft: Strong 7 wood. The shaft is a bit more spaced than the traditional No.7, an ideal addition to the No.4 wooden club.

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If you are going for a long-haul shot, you might do well with a low loft because, in this case, the energy you send to your swing will propel the ball in the forward direction.

But please be cautious with too low a degree because the ball will fly much faster but touch the ground sooner.

As it makes a premature landing, it will rub against the friction on the turf, and that comes at the cost of the distance.

We suggest you have a 5-wood in your golf bag since it will come in handy, especially on long par.

Last but not least, the highest loft angle will be a perfect option if you can manage a more powerful shot with a greater distance.

The second to consider is the Shaft:

A shorter shaft is a better option to go for because it is lighter, and it helps gain more speed, power, and in turn, distance.

A longer one will be heavier, so you may have to bend slightly, which probably affects the ball flight.

The last to consider is Clubhead material:

TaylorMade M1 2017 Fairway Wood 5 Wood 19 Degree Used Golf Club at GlobalGolf.com

The two most common materials of Clubhead are steel and titanium.

A titanium head is, hands down, lighter, so it perfectly fits off-the-tee shots.

Steel, on the other hand, is more robust and more affordable.


Unlike a driver, a fairway wood features a more intelligent design, with more advancements in techniques and less sidespin.

Thus, it is easier to hit off the turf.

We also love the shallower face height, which makes it possible to maximize the flight distance.

Whether you are a beginner or have played golf for a long time.

The most important thing is to never choose the wrong Fairway wood for your game.

Thanks for reading our shared article

Wish you success and choose the right wood fairway for your best