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To have a good feeling when playing golf and master the game, choosing the right golf club for the player is extremely important.

In this article, we would like to share some experiences of choosing a golf club that is good and suitable for players.

In addition, the article also gives you information about the types of golf clubs and the most prestigious brands of golf clubs today to help you choose the right golf club for you.

Why is it so important to choose the right golf club for a golfer and what types of golf clubs are there?

First of all about golf clubs:

A set of golf clubs usually has 3 basic types of clubs: woods, putter, and irons.

And in 1 set of golf clubs includes 14 different clubs.

– Wooden sticks: A type of club used exclusively to hit the ball away and when a long ball is needed.

It used to be made of wood but is now converted to titanium and carbon.

– Irons: A type of club used to polish at close distance, made from high-quality iron material.

– Putter: This type of golf club is used by most players when playing golf.

Golf clubs: Taylor Made, Callaway, Wilson, Cobra, Ping, Titleist, etc. are the most prestigious and famous golf club brands on the market today.
So In order to buy good quality golf clubs, it is best to choose genuine golf clubs from these brands.

Some experiences of choosing good and suitable golf clubs:

-Try before you buy: Try on golf clubs by going to golf club rental services, try a few types of clubs to choose the golf club that suits you best.

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– Expert advice: Before playing golf, you need to meet an expert for advice on how to play and learn golf techniques.

You can consult and consult an expert to choose the best golf club for you.

– Choose a golf club based on feeling: it is a friendly and familiar feeling a golf club brings when using.

How do you feel when holding a stick and playing? Is the golf club too short too long or too hard, too soft?

From there you will determine whether the golf club is right for you or not to make a decision.

– Pay attention to the body and the head of the golf club: When buying a golf club, you need to carefully check the head and body of the club.

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When holding the stick, it must feel comfortable, comfortable, and steady.

If you are just starting out, you should choose a large clubhead to increase contact with the ball and correct shots.

– Material of the cane body: There are 2 types of materials that produce the body.

Charcoal sticks are usually light and easy to use but are more expensive.

Steel golf club bodies are less damaged and durable, making hard shots difficult.

The difference between the two types of golf club bodies is that the graphite club works to increase the speed at the clubhead while creating a good distance when hitting the fairway mates.

Therefore, it is up to your financial ability to decide which material to invest in the cane body.


Above are some experiences that would like to share with you.

We wish you all the best golf clubs for you to not only master and enjoy the game, but also upgrade soon.

Thank you for your interest in the article