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When it comes to golf, it is impossible not to mention golf clubs.

Since this sport appeared, many golf club manufacturers have accompanied and been famous.

One of them is the famous manufacturer of golf clubs, accessories, and bags -TaylorMade.

In this article, please share the reasons why the TaylorMade brand is so famous in the world and chosen by many golfers.

The success of the Golf TaylorMade brand comes with a golf club innovation, the brand’s first golf product launched in 1979 by Gary Adam.

In 1984, Salomon SA acquired the company.

In 1997 the company was acquired by Adidas, since then Taylormade has had great success, dominating the golf club market.
In October 2017 KPS Capital Partners acquired TaylorMade.

To learn about the great success and position in the world market of famous brand TaylorMade, the article would like to mention the following reasons.

          5 reasons why Taylormade is famous and chosen by many golfers:

To gain the trust of golfers in the world is not easy.

Taylormade is famous for its outstanding advanced technology that gives golfers the best feeling.

With the following 5 outstanding advantages:

1- Impressive Design

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All Taylormade products are designed with high-quality materials with 7 layers of Carbon Composite structure, giving players a feeling of ruggedness, thin and light, but still ensuring high durability while increasing performance when using.

The design of the club maximizes the weight of the clubhead to assist the golfer to accurately play and polish, increasing the power transmission and polishing speed.

Along with that, the Taylormade carefully cares for its appearance.

The smallest details from the tip of the club, the elegantly designed handle with its own style creates an impression on the golfer’s eyes at first sight.

2- Improved the trajectory of the ball:

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The Taylormade with Carbon Composite material will give the ball a smooth ride, combined with the improved trajectory of the ball to help the ball go straight, higher, and reduce spin when hitting the ball.

3-  Designed with Large Sweet Spot:

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The sweet spot is the area located in the focus of the clubface, Taylormade’s focus on large sweet spot design makes it easy for players to hit the ball to create a straight and furthest ball.

Therefore, Taylormade has made the most use of Speed ​​Pocker technology to create a big sweet spot for its products.

Especially recently, the Twist Face technology was born.

With the Twist Face create new curves that easily touch the ball towards the center of the club and designed to reduce spin, delivering more straight shots.

4- Increased energy transmission efficiency:

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To increase the efficiency of the energy transmission of the golf club when contacting the golf ball, Taylormade has explored and researched the application of Inverted Cone technology to help the ball fly longer at high speed and the ball is more stable.

5- Stable ball line: 

For new players, the stability of the ball is extremely important to help them practice their skills and improve their performance.

Therefore, Taylormade has used Speed ​​Pocket technology to increase the flexibility of the surrounding low areas on the clubface.

Helps increase Cor points and stabilize each ball for golfers.

The result is increased ball speed, creating the most dramatic shots.


Above are 5 reasons why the TaylorMade brand name is famous and trusted by many golfers.

Thanks for reading the article.

Wish you have the right choice for your favorite sport